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Lost in Time: Jewels Verne

posted this on March 31, 2012 13:03

What Is Lost in Time: Jewels Verne and How Does It Work?


Lost in Time: Jewels Verne is a traditional 5-reel Slot Game that attempts to solve the mysterious disappearance of priceless artifacts from the world's finest museums. Authorities are baffled. But one man has a clue – explorer extraordinaire Jules Verne. Join him and his two daughters as they race across time and space, following a trail of ill-gotten anomalies. This double bonus slot game will keep you guessing until the shocking truth is revealed in the well-worn pages of the Verne family journal.


Key Features

  • 3 x 5 20-Line Slot Game
  • Wild and Stacking Symbols
  • Time Travel Progressive Bonus Game
  • Instant Win Time Travel Bonus Game
  • Opportunity to Earn myVEGAS Collectibles


Game Controls

Like all myVEGAS games, there is a set of Controls at the bottom of the screen. These buttons allows you to adjust your bets and initiate play. 


  • Click the PAYS Button to show the Paytable for the game. 
  • The LINES Meter shows the number of active Pay Lines.
  • The BET Meter shows the total number of chips being bet on each Payline. Click the + or - Buttons on either side to adjust your bet on each pay line. 
  • The WIN Meter shows how much you won on your last spin.
  • The AUTO-SPIN Button puts the game in self-playing mode for a specific number of spins. This is the fastest way to play the game. You have to play the game for a little while before the AUTO-SPIN feature is unlocked. 
  • The BET MAX Button automatically wagers the highest possible amount. 
  • The PLAY Button spin the reels.


What Is the Bonus Game?

At the bottom of the game is the Master Time Code. When all the Top Numbers match the Bottom Numbers, the Time Travel Bonus is activated and you are transported to one of five bonus locations to search for hidden objects. 


Whenever the Bonus Time Symbol appears on an active payline, the Time Code at the bottom of the screen will scramble and attempt to lock in another digit. If you get 3 Bonus Time Symbols on an active payline, you instantly activate the Time Travel Bonus. 

Bonus Time Symbols advance the Time Code. 

When all eight digits of the Time Code match, you are transported to the Bonus Round to search for Hidden Objects.

The hidden objects you are searching for are listed at the bottom of the bonus game screen. You have 60 seconds to find as many of them as you can. When you find an object, click on it. The more you find, the more free spins you'll win. The bonus destination changes after each Bonus Round. 


Search for hidden objects in the Time Travel Bonus Game. Explore all 5 Bonus Destinations. 


What Is the Wild Symbol for Lost In Time: Jewels Verne?



What Is the Build Symbol for Lost In Time: Jewels Verne?

When playing Lost In Time: Jewels Verne, you'll have a chance to win Build Symbols. These symbols allow you to construct Casino Resorts on the myVEGAS Strip. Completed resorts earn valuable bonuses. Click here to learn more about how the Build Symbol works. 

Build Symbols.png


How Do I Earn Free Rewards by Playing Lost In Time: Jewels Verne?

Every time you play Lost In Time: Jewels Verne, buy chips, and spread the word about the game, you’ll accumulate myVEGAS Loyalty Points that you can redeem for real-world rewards like hotel rooms, dinners, and show tickets. Click here to learn more about Loyalty Points and our great selection of myVEGAS Rewards. 

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