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posted this on March 31, 2012 13:01

What Is myVEGAS and How Does It Work?


Build the Las Vegas Strip as you've always imagined it.


Welcome to myVEGAS, a Facebook game unlike any you've ever experienced. In one beautifully rendered place you can party with your friends, play wildly entertaining games of chance, and build the Las Vegas Strip as you've always imagined it. But perhaps best of all, every time you visit, you'll earn Loyalty Points redeemable for real-world rewards from some of the hottest spots in the "real" Las Vegas, including luxurious hotel stays, gourmet dinners, and VIP access to the most exclusive shows and night clubs.


How Do I Get Around?

The main myVEGAS Menu is located along the top of your screen. 

  • Click the Rewards Button to browse the Rewards Menu; 
  • Click the Games Button to browse available and soon-to-be-released slot and table games; and
  • Click the More Button to access other menu features, including: Purchasing Chips, Inviting Friends, and Returning to your myVEGAS Strip to harvest chips and loyalty points from your Casino Resorts.


The main myVEGAS Game Menu is located at the top of your screen. 

After you have built your first Casino Resort, you will also be able to navigate the Strip. Just click the Red X Button Red_X.png at the top right corner of any window to close that window. Then click and drag anywhere on the Strip to move around. 


What Games Can I Play on myVEGAS?

myVEGAS offers you an ever growing collection of authentic slot and table games. When you first begin playing, you'll have access to just one, Excalibur -- a Camelot-themed, 5-reel slot game with 3 bonus features.



As you continue playing, you'll quickly unlock additional games. You can browse the myVEGAS Games Menu anytime to see which ones are available and when new ones will be released. 


The myVEGAS Games Menu.

How Do I Build a Casino Resort?

As you play the games, you will win "V" symbols that accumulate to award individual buildings from each resort. Once you are at the designated VIP level and have won all of the building pieces, you will be able to build your new casino resort. The more you play and increase your VIP level, the sooner you will be on your way to owning your very own myVEGAS Strip!

Build_Symbol.png     Build_Card.png

The Build Symbol and the Build Card. 


How Do I Track My Casino Building Progress?

Your progress can be tracked in two places. First is the Progress Meter at the top right corner of the game window. It's marked by the myVEGAS "V" and features a yellow indicator bar. The numbers on this bar tell you how many build symbols you've hit and how many you need before you win your next resort building piece. After you've won the building, the Progress Meter resets and begins counting up to the next one. 



The second place to track your progress is in the Resort Progress Slider inside the game window. The Slider appears at the top right edge of the game window. It's marked by a myVEGAS "V" icon. When you click the icon or when you win a new resort building, the window slides open to show you the buildings you've won, and which ones are remaining. Win all the buildings and the resort will be added to your Strip! From there, you can collect resort bonus chips every few hours! 



Track your progress as you hit myVEGAS V Symbols and win new Resorts, piece by piece. 

If you are not able to open and/or view the Progress Meter or Resort Progress Window, it means that you have not yet achieved the corresponding VIP Level needed to initiate construction of your next Resort. Builder Bob will appear and tell you what level is required to continue. 


How Do I Earn and Redeem Loyalty Points for Real-World Rewards?

Loyalty Points are easy to earn and even easier to redeem! By playing myVEGAS more frequently, playing longer, buying chips, and spreading the word about the game, you’ll accumulate myVEGAS Loyalty Points that you can redeem for real-world rewards like hotel rooms, dinners, and show tickets.

Your Loyalty Points balance is displayed at the top of the screen, along with your Chips balance, and your Game Level / Experience Points. The Loyalty Points Meter is the one on the far right and is indicated by a gold and diamond casino chip. Click the Green Info Button to learn more about Loyalty Points. 


Currency Meters at the top of the screen display your point balances. 


Click on the Rewards Button, at the far left,  to get more information and browse the available rewards. 


The more you play the quicker you'll earn amazing free rewards.


What Are Levels, Experience Points, and VIP Status?

For every bet you make, you earn Experience Points. When you earn enough Experience Points, you advance to the next Level. At certain Levels, you earn a VIP Status upgrade. Levels and VIP Status have certain awards associated with them. These may include bonus chips, higher bet limits, new features, and new games.


The Experience Points Meter shows your current balance (the number on the left) and the number of points needed to reach the next Level (number on the right). 


How Do I Keep Track of My Chips, VIP Status, and Loyalty Points?

The myVEGAS Scoreboard at the top of the screen displays your important point totals: Experience Points / Game Level, Chips, and Loyalty Points. 



How Can I Earn Chips Faster?

There are a number of ways to earn Chips faster. Here are a few. 

  • Log in every day to receive a Daily Bonus.
  • Invite friends to play myVEGAS. The more that accept, the higher your Daily Bonus will be.
  • Ask friends for Chips. Share chips with friends. 
  • Add Casino Resorts and Resort Upgrades to your Strip.
  • Collect bonus chips from all the Resorts on your Strip. 
  • You can also buy Chips anytime, using your Facebook Credits.


How Do I Collect Bonus Chips from the Casino Resorts That I've Built?

Visit your Strip to collect Bonus Chips from each of your Resorts. Just click on the spinning Chip Icon hovering over your Resort to see how many chips are available.


After you collect, the Bonus Countdown Timer shows you when you'll be able to cash in again. 


How Do I Buy Chips?

If you want more Chips you can buy them anytime using your Facebook Credits. Just click on the Green Buy Button next to your Chip Balance on the myVEGAS Scoreboard.


Select any Bundle and the Chips and bonus Loyalty Points will be immediately added to your balances. 



How Do I Interact with My Facebook Friends on myVEGAS?

The more friends you invite to myVEGAS the more fun you’ll have and the more you’ll earn. Sharing updates and achievements from myVEGAS will encourage your friends to join you. You can invite friends using the More Menu at the top left of your screen. Select Invite Friends from the sub-menu. 


And you can actually see your FB Friends walking up and down your Strip. Click on any of the pedestrians to see who it is. Then invite them to myVEGAS or send them a Gift.


Interacting with friends on your myVEGAS Strip is fun and easy. Just click to Invite them or Send them a Gift. 

If you don't see your Friends you may have "secure browsing" enabled on Facebook. If you would like to disable secure browsing follow these steps: 

  1. Click on the down arrow next to HOME 
  2. Select "Account Settings" 
  3. Select "Security" in the left navigation
  4. Select "Secure Browsing" EDIT
  5. Uncheck the box that says "Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible"
  6. Save Changes

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