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How do Rewards work?

posted this on May 10, 2012 12:32

How Do I Earn myVEGAS Loyalty Points and Free Rewards?

Loyalty Points are easy to earn and even easier to redeem! By playing myVEGAS more frequently, playing longer, and spreading the word about the game, you’ll accumulate myVEGAS Loyalty Points. These Points can be redeemed for amazing free rewards like hotel rooms, dinners, and show tickets at the hottest spots in Las Vegas. 

The rate at which you earn Loyalty Points is not connected to the outcome of any Casino-type games on myVEGAS. 

To browse the collection of available Rewards, just click the Rewards Button at the top left corner of the screen



How Do I Purchase Rewards?

First check your Loyalty Point Balance Meter at the top of the screen. It the one on the far right, marked with a gold and diamond myVEGAS Coin. 

Meters Currencies.png


Next, launch the Rewards Menu by clicking the Rewards Button at the top of the screen. Then, browse available rewards. A small green button at the bottom of each Reward Card indicates the number of Loyalty Points you need to collect that reward. 

Rewards Menu.png

Click on any Reward Card to see details about that reward.


Click the Green Button at the bottom of the Reward Card to purchase that reward.  A new screen will appear with instructions on how to reserve the selected reward. You may need to input your name and email address (and agree to the Terms and Conditions) before proceeding.  

Your reward will then be reserved for you. Be sure to review the redemption instructions carefully since you may be required to call or visit the sponsoring property within a limited time in order to complete the redemption.

Upon completion of the reward reservation process, you will receive a Redemption Confirmation Number. You can always find this Confirmation number by clicking the “My Purchases” link on the top right corner of the Rewards Menu.

If you experience any issues with redeeming your Reward please submit a support ticket via this Feedback Form. 


Do I Need an MGM Resorts M life Membership?

Loyalty points earned and rewards purchased through myVEGAS are independent of M life. However, at the time of redemption, you may be required to sign up for an M life account. Check the Reward Redemptions Instructions or your Reward Confirmation Email for details. 


How Many Rewards Do You Have?

Our collection of rewards will change on a regular basis as the inventory of existing rewards are redeemed and new ones are introduced. Check back often for new additions!


A Reward I Wanted Is Gone or Sold Out. What happened?

We have a limited supply of each reward and our inventory changes regularly. Rewards are removed or shown as sold out based on availability. If there is a reward you really want, let us know! We will contact our partners and try to bring it back.


I've Earned a FREE Reward Through myVEGAS. How Do I Use It?

Detailed instructions are provided at the time a reward is redeemed. You'll also receive a confirmation email that contains the redemption instructions. We suggest you review the reward details and any restrictions that may apply prior to completing your reward redemption. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out to us!  


I Have Purchased a Reward but Don't Want It Any More. What Can I Do?

If you wish to redeem a refundable reward, contact the issuer indicated in the Redemption Confirmation E-mail. You can usually cancel a reward and get a full refund of your Loyalty Points, up until the reward expiration date. Please note that rewards will expire without refund on their expiration date.

Are Resort Fees included in free room Rewards?

Room Rewards in myVEGAS are subject to resort fees. These fees will be the responsibility of the player. Players must present a major credit card upon check in.


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