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How many myVEGAS rewards can I redeem?

Buster from myVEGAS
posted this on May 21, 2013 10:28

One of the best things about myVEGAS - in addition to the great games - is the opportunity to redeem your Loyalty Points for real-world rewards. Each Reward Partner determines the number and frequency of offers you can redeem. Currently, a majority of our Rewards are provided by MGM Resorts International and their policy is to allow 3 rewards to be redeemed within a 30-day period. This is a great way to pick up a few extra Comps each time you visit their properties. For purposes of this reward policy, the date "redeemed" is the date you actually "use" the reward - the day you check in to the hotel, have your meal, and/or see your show. We also offer rewards from Wolfgang Puck, House of Blues, and Sugar Factory, and will be adding additional Reward Partners in the near future. 


As an added benefit to loyal myVEGAS players who regularly make in-game purchases, we offer the opportunity to redeem additional rewards, over and above the limits set by our partners. The exact number of additional rewards allowed will vary from player to player and is based on a number of factors, in addition to a player's purchase history. 


To see how many rewards you are eligible for, launch myVEGAS in Facebook. Then go to the Rewards menu and open a reward from one of our Partners. Hit the green Next button at the bottom of the Reward description. The first paragraph on the next page - Purchase & Redemption Limitations - will show you the number of rewards you may currently redeem from that particular Rewards Partner. 


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